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Comunicacion AeronŠutica


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The Test of English for Aviation (TOEFA

  • The Test of English for Aviation (TOEFA) has been developed to measure the competences in the English language of Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and Aeronautical Station Operators, in the

    specific abilities of speaking and understanding this foreign language and according to the parameters settled down in the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) rating scale for

    language proficiency and their holistic descriptors.

    The previously mentioned aeronautical personnel, should demonstrate to the Civil Aviation Authority of the corresponding State, their ability to speak and to understand the language used for the radiotelephony communications; starting from November 27, 2003 for the case of Air Traffic Controllers and March 5, 2004 for Pilots of airplanes and helicopters. Starting from March 5, 2008 the demonstration of these competences will be an obligatory requirement for the applicants and personnel that maintains a license of Pilot, Air Traffic Controller or Aeronautical Station Operator, as well as the respective periodic evaluations that will be carried out, according to the level reached by the one evaluated.

    The minimum level of proficiency for the aeronautical personnel is the Operational Level (level 4), settled down in the ICAO Linguistic Competence Rating Scale. Considering the importance of the aeronautical phraseology, the exam TOEFA also contemplates

    this aspect, for Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and Aeronautical Station Operators.

Maripaz de Ortiz.
Air traffic Controller Instructor Specialist
Instructora especialista en tecnicas de comunicacion y fonetica. 507-66174609